Two and a half years ago, Cody Andrew Kretsinger was arrested for hacking into Sony Pictures, lifting the (reportedly unencrypted) names, email and home addresses, passwords, and dates of birth for thousands of people with Sony accounts.

Today, the 25-year-old man has been sentenced to one year in prison, one year under house arrest, and 1,000 hours of community service. He has also been ordered to pay $605,663 in restitution.

Kretsinger was known online as “recursion” and was part of the LulzSec hacks of 2011. The attacks have been called hacktivist protests against the arrest of Wikileaker Bradley Manning and PlayStation hacker George Hotz, alias “geohot.” They’ve also been called a mean-spirited attempt to call attention to basic security issues like password redundancy and unencrypted user data.

Raynaldo Rivera, alias “neuron,” was involved in the same Sony exploit and is set to be sentenced by the same judge next month.

A third hacker, Hector Xavier Monsegur, aka “Sabu,” was also arrested in the Sony matter but chose to cooperate with the FBI in gathering evidence against and identifying other LulzSec members involved in the attack. Monsegur reportedly ended up turning in five members of his own organization to law enforcement.

LulzSec is best known for its “50 days of Lulz,” during which the group performed daily cyberattacks on a number of high-profile organizations such as PBS and the U.S. Senate public website. The group disbanded thereafter, though some of its members probably were absorbed into hacktivist group Anonymous.