reddit-DDOSThe Internet’s not working. Or at least the self-styled “front page of the Internet.”

That’s the experience for many Reddit users today, as the site has been under attack by a flood of traffic — a distributed denial of service attack — that has rendered the social site’s servers struggling to keep up.

There’s not a lot of information available in terms of who is responsible, as no one has stepped forward claiming credit and Reddit only knows right now that it’s still under attack:

Partial service has been restored — I could read the home page — and Reddit is informing those members who are able to connect that they may experience problems gaining access to all the parts of the site:Reddit outage DDOS

One thing seems to be clear: The outages are deliberate, not simply caused by a flood of traffic from the ongoing Boston manhunt for the marathon bomber who remains at large. One apparent Reddit employee, “alienth,” said that “the load from the Boston incident was measurable. The attack which is ongoing is orders of magnitude larger. We’re mitigating it the best we can.”

Reddit’s doing a pretty good job as the site seems to be mostly available now, if slow:

Image credit: Reddit