Nexon Publishing North America has appointed Ron Moravek as its senior vice president of live game operations.

ron moravekThe company hasn’t announced the move yet, but Moravek has changed his title on his LinkedIn page. He will head the live game operations for the company, which has published free-to-play online titles such as MapleStory and Vindictus (pictured above) and has moved into mobile and social games.

He was previously an executive vice president of production at THQ, the big  video game publisher that went belly-up earlier this year.

Moravek has 15 years of experience in the game business. At THQ, he helped the company adapt to new business models (games as a service)  and improve the overall quality of its games. He will report to Min Kim, head of Nexon North America.

Moravek was previously senior advisor to NuCaptcha, CEO of Sitemasher, and vice president and chief operating officer of Electronic Arts’ Vancouver game studio, which had 1,600 employees.