google glass shock

If Google is trying to make Glass as creepy as possible, it’s sure doing a good job.

According to code found in the MyGlass companion app by Reddit user fodawim, Google Glass could allow users to take photos just by winking.

Which should, of course, horrify you.


Above: Google Glass is stepping up the creep factor.

While the prevalence of smartphones nowadays means that you’re only seconds away from having your photo taken and thrown on the web, Glass takes that a step further: Creeps wouldn’t even have to take their phone out to photograph you — they can just wink at you (with all the salacious undertones that said winking implies).

That ease of photo taking makes me wonder whether Glass will come with a built-in shutter sound to notify people when it’s snapping photos. Unwanted photography is such a significant issue for smartphone owners in countries like South Korea that  handset makers are forced to equip their devices with shutter sounds that users can’t turn off. And I fully expect Glass will be greeted with a similar feature — at least for the sake of non-Glass owners of the world.

Alongside the photograph-by-winking functionality, Glass could also let users zoom in on webpages by doing a smartphone-like pinch motion and put Glass to sleep by turning their heads in a certain direction.

Photo: Flickr/mariachily