Darksiders II Review Lilith When THQ collapsed earlier this year, the developers from Vigil Games left to create a new company within Crytek. In doing that, the new studio, known as Crytek USA, had to leave behind its beloved Darksiders license.

Crytek USA founder and former Darksiders lead designer David Adams revealed a few weeks ago that he would attempt to bid on the Darksiders license because, as he put it, “it belongs at home with its creators.” Yesterday, we learned that Adams and Crytek did not win the rights to Darksiders. Instead, Nordic Games Licensing took control of the action-adventure franchise. Now, Adams has reached out to GamesBeat with a few words for Nordic:

Following their recent acquisition of the Darksiders IP at auction, I would like to wish Nordic Games all the best with their future plans for the series. Darksiders is a franchise I’m naturally very passionate about. Over a period of several years, I and my close friends and colleagues at the former Vigil Games invested a lot of energy into the series, and we’re glad to know Darksiders continues to excite and generate a high level of interest among players, publishers and developers.

Nordic bid $4.9 million to grab the rights to Darksiders, Red Faction, MX vs ATV, and many other now former THQ properties. The European publisher immediately opened a special forum on its website to discuss the future of the properties with curious fans. On that forum, a Nordic Games spokesperson said that the Darksiders series is not over but that company is still analyzing how to proceed.

We’ll have more from Nordic Games in the coming days.