Google Fiber TV

Residents of Kansas City who prefer to use their iPad over a Nexus 7 are in luck, as Apple has just approved an official Google Fiber TV app for the device.

The app, which has been available on Android devices for almost a month, acts as a remote for those already subscribed to a Google Fiber TV plan. Subscribers will be able to search for programming and manage which shows they save to their DVR. The iPad app also allows subscribers to browse, buy, and watch on-demand movies and TV shows. (Of course, the only people who will really get any use out of this update are those in the greater Kansas City area. However, Google is planning to bring the Google Fiber service to Provo, Utah in 2013 and Austin, Texas in 2014.)

Google Fiber TV customers already get a Nexus 7 when they sign up for the service, but if you don’t like Android devices, then this is definitely a big benefit. I’d imagine it’ll also be useful for homes that have multiple people watching TV at different times. Since not everyone can have access to that “free” Nexus 7 at the same time, the added benefit of being able to use your iPad or iPad Mini will be nice.

Currently, there isn’t an iPhone/iPod Touch version of the Google Fiber TV app available, but the company did say its working on one that will be available in the near future.