2K Marin

Something is brewing at 2K Marin, and we think it has something to do with the XCOM shooter.

The BioShock 2 developer hasn’t had much to say in the recent past, but publisher 2K started making waves with recent domain registrations for “TheBureau.com” and “Whathappenedin62.com.” Today, the YouTube account Veritas MCMLXII (truth 1962) released a new video titled “What Happened in ’62.”

Check it out below and stick around for the conspiracy:

Vague, right? Well, this video has more to it than you may realize. Sure, the kid is riding his old-timey bike down the street before looking up to the sky … and seeing aliens? But also the last flicker before the trailer cuts out reveals a date and the name of a familiar publisher.

XCOM tease

You can see April 26 and “2K” in that last frame. April 26 is this Friday, and 2K is the publisher of the XCOM series. I’d keep an eye on the skies this Friday if I were you.

Here is the first teaser video from Veritas MCMLXII that suggest that Russian meteor is something more: