skykickSkyKick publicly launched an application suite today to help migrate small and medium-sized businesses to Office 365. It also announced a new $3.7 million in funding.

According to the company’s research, it takes an average of 40 hours to completely move a business to Office 365, the online Microsoft product suite that includes Word Online, Excel Online, Exchange Online, and SharePoint Online. SkyKick was founded by executives from Microsoft’s Office and Bing teams who left in 2011 to build an automated solution that would make the transition easier.

“Moving Microsoft’s SMB Office base to the cloud is a massive undertaking and will require high engagement from Microsoft’s vast partner base,” said CEO Evan Richman in a statement. “SkyKick takes what has traditionally been a two to six week IT services project and makes it more transactional and scalable creating a win-win market scenario — any Microsoft partner can easily and profitably move their SMB customers to Office 365, giving SMBs a great experience at a great value.”

During its private beta, SkyKick helped move thousands of businesses to Office 365 using three products that take clients from the planning stages through to full implementation. WebPlanner is a project management application that helps customers plan the migration process. Migration Sync moves customer account and user data, like email, calendar, contacts etc … to Office 365, and Outlook Assistant is geared towards the “last-mile challenges” that often impede the migration process.

SkyKick is headquartered in Seattle.

Photo Credit: John-Morgan/Flickr