Mere hours after the debut of the first commercial Firefox OS phones, the shop selling them is out of stock.

Released as developer preview units, the Geeksphone models are called Keon, priced at $119; and Peak, which was selling for $194. Here’s what they look like:

Now, I took a macroeconomics course more than a decade ago, so I can tell you that one of two things is happening:

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1) There are way, way too many damn nerds on this planet, making it no longer a suitable environment for anyone else.

2) Geeksphone didn’t anticipate quite so many people wanting Firefox OS phones and only made a couple hundred models.

Personally, I think the truth is somewhere in between.

“Initial previsions were largely surpassed!” the Madrid-based company posted a few hours into the shop-opening. “All the orders have been recorded and will be shipped soon.”

On its website, Geeksphone said that while Keon and Peak are currently out of stock, it expects to continue online sales (preorders, perhaps) soon.

Both devices are developer previews as opposed to true consumer-ready smartphones. They’re best suited to developers wanting to make applications for Firefox OS.

Firefox OS itself is a Linux-based, non-iOS, non-Android mobile operating system from Mozilla. Currently, the company is trying to drum up support from third-party developers, without whose apps the entire OS will be rather boring for consumers.

Here’s a look at Firefox OS:

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