Video-sharing service Vimeo has launched a new marketing product called Brand Creative Fund that gives companies access to filmmakers that make movies to support a brand’s vision.

Vimeo has been looking at new creative ways to create revenue but not do it with traditional video advertising, such as clips before watching a video or pop-up ads on top of movies. Its last product to do this was the recently launched Vimeo On Demand, a paywall tool that can be placed in front of videos. Now it has Brand Creative Fund.

“This is a new ad offering that brings brands into the Vimeo experience,” Vimeo CEO Kerry Trainor told VentureBeat. “We’ve always had ads on the site, but we don’t want to do anything disruptive.”

The Brand Creative Fund allows for marketers the ability to be connected with creative filmmakers that are part of the Vimeo’s network. It also gives the brand better access to Vimeo’s more than 100 million unique visitors a month.

Trainor insists that the Fund is not designed to replace the role of ad agencies, but to give marketers another way to connect with creative video makers. People looking to make a traditional 30-second ad, for example, wouldn’t be well-served.

“This is not about 30-second spots … and videos aren’t exclusively about the brand,” Trainor said. “The brand can be front and center or it can simply be a supporter of creative content.”

Films made with the fund will not be limited to a minimum or maximum running time. While the most realistic use of the fund is for short films, Trainor leaves open the possibility that a company could even use Brand Creative Fund to create a whole feature film.

The first brand taking part in Brand Creative Fund is the car manufacturer Lincoln. The company is currently running a year-long ad campaign called “Hello Again” that is designed to relaunch the 90-year-old brand that isn’t as popular as it once was. With the Brand Creative Fund, Lincoln had four short films made by different filmmakers that tie into the theme of “Hello Again.”

The first short film funded by Lincoln will become available on Tuesday, April 30. Each following Tuesday, another short film and behind-the-scenes video will launch. Today, four introductory clips about the short films are available online.

Videos that are part of the campaign can be viewed on Lincoln’s Vimeo page. Check out the introductory videos for Lincoln’s “Hello Again” campaign below:

Screenshot via Lincoln Motor Company/Vimeo