If the promise of pizza without setting down your game controller isn’t enough, broadcast network the CW has now added an app for Xbox Live.

For the many cord cutters that rely on a high-speed Internet connection for their video entertainment needs rather than a cable or satellite TV subscription (or old-fashioned rabbit ears), this is possibly very good news. The CW app will offer viewers the option of watching new episodes of its programs the day after they air on television. And unlike on other services such as Hulu, you don’t have to authenticate with a cable or satellite TV subscription before gaining access to all those new shows, either. But you do need an annual Xbox Gold membership (a paid subscription).

The CW’s programming includes guilty pleasures like Supernatural, Vampire Diaries, Arrow, and Beauty and the Beast.

The move is also interesting given the recent fight many of the broadcast stations are currently in with TV anywhere startup Aereo, which wants to provide people with access to all freely broadcasted content within their local area across their mobile devices and PCs. The CW would be smart to continue making it easy for people to watch its programs for free before Aereo offers them a more attractive option.