Ubisoft Wii U eShop

Perhaps, by now, you’ve calmed down. I’m talking to the Wii U owners reading this that raged at publisher Ubisoft for delaying its upcoming platformer, Rayman Legends. The French publisher is ready to take you back — if you’ll behave yourselves.

Ubisoft released the Rayman Legends Challenges app on Wii U today through the system’s eShop digital-distribution platform. The free app offers up competitive score-based gaming across several of the platformer’s levels. This comes months before Rayman Legends’ new Sept. 3 release date, and it is exclusive to Nintendo’s Wii U.

Ubisoft specifically created this app to placate angry fans.

The company originally intended to release Rayman Legends in February. The developer finished the game earlier that month. It was ready to ship out when the publisher revealed that it would rather hold off so it could release it on Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3 at the same time. This will help maximize sales since those consoles have much larger player bases than Nintendo’s latest hardware.

Regardless of Ubisoft’s logic, Wii U fans were angry that the company pushed back one of the few early exclusives for financial reasons. Some gamers even protested the delay outside of Rayman developer Ubisoft Montepelier.

Rayman Legends Challenges is available now. It is an 840MB item, which took me about 30 minutes to download and install.