Zynga Draw Something 2

I thought we were collectively over Draw Something. I have the manual dexterity of a trout, so I was happy when friends stopped sending me play requests in the first game — but now, Zynga is back with a sequel.

Draw Something 2, available now globally for iOS and soon for Android, brings back the Pictionary-style gameplay of the original with a heavier emphasis on social features. The developer is positioning it as an Instagram for artwork; you can follow certain people to see what they finger paint.

At its core, Draw Something 2 is still just a cooperative multiplayer game where one person draws a certain word and the other has to guess it. Zynga will sell extra colors and other in-app purchases to generate revenue in the title.

Check out the launch trailer below:

Indie developer OMGPOP launched the original Draw Something in early 2012. The mobile title quickly skyrocketed in popularity leading to Zynga purchasing the studio in March 2012 for $180 million. Draw Something eventually topped out at 13 million daily active users before plummeting and stabilizing around 1 million DAUs.

Zynga is hoping that the social aspects of the sequel will improve its stickiness and keep players engaged for longer than the first title.