google glass

Google Glass may only be in the hands of a few people, but some of these folk have already found a way to crack it.

Jay Freeman, a hacker who goes by “Saurik”, says he tested a known exploit in Android 4.0 that he used to get root access to Glass. The move could, in theory, allow Glass owners to circumvent any restrictions Google has installed in the device.

Freeman, however, is not alone. Liam McLoughin, a hacker known for getting Chrome OS on netbooks and the Macbook Air, says he’s also rooted Glass.


Above: Glass developer Stephen Lau says that the hacker cracking is all a part of the plan.

But while McLoughin and Freeman are patting themselves on back, Glass developer Stephen Lau — whom you may recognize from those early Glass promo shots — says that the hackers’ feat is a tad less impressive than it seems.

“Not to bring anybody down … but seriously … we intentionally left the device unlocked so you guys could hack it and do crazy fun shit with it. I mean, FFS, you paid $1,500 for it … go to town on it.  Show me something cool,” Lau wrote on Google Plus.

While none of this means very much to the vast majority of us who haven’t even touched Glass, it’s clear that all of this could lead to developers doing some interesting things with Google’s controversial new device a time goes on.

Photo: Flickr/Maxbraun