Publisher Ubisoft impressed gamers last year when it debuted its latest open-world title, Watch Dogs, at the Electronic Entertainment Expo in Los Angeles. Now, the company is hyping up Watch Dogs as it prepares for its Nov. 19 release.

As part of that promotional campaign, Ubisoft today released a new gameplay trailer for Watch Dogs, which is due out on current and next-gen hardware. The video shows hero Aiden Pierce, who has a gravely vigilante voice, using his super-hacking powers to overtake Chicago and defeat his enemies.

Check it out below:

In addition to the new trailer, Ubisoft revealed a preorder bonus for Watch Dogs. Players who reserve the game will get a poster of Aiden Pierce from comic book artist Alex Ross.

The art shows Pierce using his cellphone to manipulate the environment. Ubisoft used this art as the inspiration for Watch Dogs’ cover.

Alex Ross painting

We’ll have more on Watch Dogs in the coming days.