Google Glass

Google has just posted the kernel source for Glass. This is just the GPL-licensed Linux code, not the Apache-licensed Android code, for the company’s mysterious visor-like hardware project.

This code joins a small but growing body of sample projects, client libraries, APIs, and assets available to help developers build better Glass apps.

Google Glass is still a prealpha product prototype that’s not yet suitable for the mass market. Early units are shipping first to tech early adopters and, vastly more importantly, actual developers who will be building the apps that make Glass useful and interesting. The kernel source and other code is being made available precisely for these folks to do their best (or worst) on Glass.

Here’s a look at Glass’s UI of timeline cards and visual overlays:

The company was delighted, for example, when a hacker managed to root Glass over the weekend.

Ultimately, Google wants developers to build unique new experiences for Glass, not just more consumer-focused picture-sharing apps. When we talked to a group of Google-linked investors, they said they particularly wanted to see apps for science and healthcare.

Specs for Glass include a 5 megapixel camera, 16GB flash memory storage, Bluetooth and Wi-Fi, and a micro USB port.

An exploration of other Glass code shows, among other tidbits, possible Xbox integrations.

Image credit: Project Glass/Google+