Nintendo has tolerated the sale of used Nintendo hardware for years by retail chains such as GameStop. There seemed little it could do about it. But Nintendo is apparently cutting in on the action in the lucrative used hardware market by selling its own refurbished versions of its 3DS and DSi XL handheld game systems.

Other hardware makers, such as Dell and Apple, do this as well, according to Techland. Nintendo appears to be selling the refurbished systems at aggressive prices, undercutting GameStop’s prices. Nintendo is selling 3DS for $130, while GameStop sells it for $160. A new 3DS sells for $170. Nintendo is selling the DSi XL for $100, while GameStop is selling it for $110.

A spokesperson confirmed that Nintendo is selling the units. The Japanese publisher says the products are authentic and have been cleaned, tested, and inspected to meet its high standards. Nintendo is offering a one-year warranty on the products.