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I am a-boat to lose my ship because Leviathan: Warships is finally out for PC.

That’s right — the sexiest game about boats is finally available to purchase on Steam, Amazon, and a ton of other online retailers for $10. The strategy title, from developer Pieces Interactive, first sailed on to our radar when the company released the first trailer for the game. That video swept us out to sea with its jazzy cool style.

Now, Leviathan is out, and its, smooth-talking spokesperson, Jazz Boatman, is back with the launch trailer:

Leviathan is a turn-based strategy game on the high seas. Players can build up a fleet of ships, which they can also customize and upgrade. Then players face off against computer-controlled opponent in seafaring battles.

The game is out now for PC and Mac, but a version is due out May 2 for iPad and Android tablets. That’s so naval.