twitter sand

While everyone’s talking about Facebook mobile today, Twitter cleaned up both its iOS and Android apps with a couple new features.

Mobile is the money word for social networks today and while Twitter’s app updates are life-changing, they do improve the overall user experience.

Both apps now come equipped with the over 100 new locations that show trends. Trends show you the most popular topics being discussed on the social network. It can be filtered by location, as opposed to all of Twitter, to show you what’s happening and where. This is particularly helpful for breaking news. But before the new locations were added, trends were stuck in major metropolitan areas. The new locations help refine what’s happening in specific parts of the world.

On the iOS front, Twitter users can now invite their friends to join straight within the app. Not sure how helpful that will be, though, because who do you know that isn’t on Twitter? (Other than your grandparents and the tribe you met on a vacation to a far-away island.)

Also new in the app, when you reply to a retweet, it will automatically mention both the original author of the tweet, as well as the retweeter.

Android is left with only one significant update other than routine bug fixes. You can now switch Twitter account by accessing the menu.

Of course, you can’t have a full-on Twitter mobile update without a little love for its micro-video app Vine. Nothing huge here, as Twitter just updated the app yesterday to give you access to the front-facing camera (selfies!), but Vine’s video playback has been improved.

hat tip The Next Web; Twitter image via Rosaura Ochoa/Flickr

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