Disney Interactive is launching a new mobile app called Story and adding eight short digital series to its online video network.

The new app, Story, lets you share photos and videos from your mobile device as a shareable story, according to Adweek. The application targets parents, specifically moms, who want to distribute their family photos in a special way. Story will apparently hit the App Store next week.

The company also announced a new digital series of short films, which builds off the popular Swampy’s Underground Adventures and Talking Friends. The series will premiere later this year on Disney.com and across the company’s digital network. The original digital series, featuring the popular cartoon alligator, is going into its second season and has already amassed 27 million views.

These shows aren’t just for kids. Moms will enjoy “Making It Up,” with Hollywood mom Kerri Kenney-Silver sharing how-to tips from Malibu. And Disney is reaching out to pet lovers with its show “Celebrity Pet Psychic,” featuring animal communicator Sonya Fitzpatrick.

Kids and teenagers will also find content that speaks to them with shows centered around teenage DJs, lost toys, extraordinary children, and outrageous stunts. All eight original digital series are slated to premiere this year.

Image credit: Disney