google glass reddit

Workers are suffering. These newsroom-style workspaces that startups seem to love are really hindering the privacy needed to surf Reddit and watch YouTube videos. Thankfully, a mobile app developer has found the answer to our problems: Reddit on Google Glass.

“With no compelling reason to use while at the office or work, [Google Glass] sits tucked away inside the desk drawer,” said Malcolm Nguyen, a mobile developer for One Republic Title Company, said in a post on Google+. “That’s all about to change, because now you can get pictures of cats and memes and _gonewild beamed directly to your face without anyone suspecting a thing.”

Nguyen is part of Explorers, a group of individuals that Google’s picked to purchase Glass for $1,500 prior to its release to the broader market. These adventurous people are supposed to hack, play with, record on, and otherwise use Glass for any manner of crazy things. While some have taken it skydiving or even hopped in the shower with it, Nguyen’s app will likely encourage people to sit on their butts for hours at a time with it.

Of course, when Reddit’s involved, that’s not necessarily a bad thing.

Nguyen lists the features as including the option to upvote and downvote a post, share external content to Reddit, view and reply to threaded comments, and have comments read aloud to you. Your font page will also be digested into the top 25 hits, updated every hour.

So, for those few of you who have a pair, go secretly enjoy your Reddit. Good luck trying not to bust out laughing in the middle of a meeting when you see something like this, though.

hat tip Mashable; Google Glass Reddit image via Malcolm Nguyen