Sony PlayStation Vita

A busy men’s room is one of the toughest challenges a young man will face. When should you use the urinal? Can you take a stall to yourself if you just have to do a No. 1? Is it OK to use the urinal right next to someone else?

Finally, an enterprising indie developer is helping out confused bathroom-goers with a new game for the PlayStation Vita called Men’s Room Mayhem. Developer Ripstone, founded by Super Stardust HD creator Phil Gaskell, teamed up with a new company, Sawfly Studios, to produce the title for Sony’s powerful handheld.

Men’s Room Mayhem is due out later this year, but Ripstone didn’t reveal a price or specific release date.

“In Men’s Room Mayhem, you’re hired as the janitor of your very own chaotic men’s room,” Gaskell wrote on the PlayStation blog. “You’re responsible for directing patrons, keeping everywhere sparkling clean, and steering patrons away from trouble.”

The title plays similarly to those air-traffic-control games that are popular on smartphones. Players need to draw paths for characters that have to take a whiz or drop a deuce to the correct bathroom fixture.

“You need to get your customers safely to the urinals and cubicles in time – otherwise there’ll be a few nasty accidents for you to clean up,” wrote Gaskell. “Avoid fights by strategically steering patrons past each other with pinpoint precision, but be careful, as the waves increase the patrons pile up fast – so mind your pees and queues.”

Sony PlayStation Vita

For the women reading this and wondering if this is a realistic interpretation of a man’s bathroom-going experience … yes. It’s exactly like this. You get bonus points for not peeing right next to someone else.