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We may not have flying cars yet, but one thing is certain: We now expect a great Mobile Experience.

We expect it in almost every aspect of our daily lives: At home, parents are video chatting from their phones with their teenagers, who know better than using SMS for texting. At work, we’re using well-designed consumer apps on our tablets. While shopping, we expect quick and seamless browsing and payment options. I’m not even talking about how you’ll soon pay for that latte while scanning news with your Google Glasses.

Mobile Experience is the sum of all this. It is how content, mobile site design and development, advertising, commerce features, hardware — and even your surroundings — are all converging together more seamlessly in your mobile life than they have before. And that’s what we’re debating at our upcoming MobileBeat 2013 conference in San Francisco on July 9th and 10th (get your early bird tickets here; we sell out every year, so move quickly).

The Mobile Experience is not optional, it is mandatory. If your company isn’t serving its content or services with a great experience, the odds are you’re probably going to go down.

What’s more, inherent technical constraints are combining with merciless competition in the mobile space to drive a continual process of natural selection. This allows only the cream of the crop of services to rise to the top. Thousands of developers are releasing new apps every day. Legacy providers who aren’t moving quickly enough are getting left by the wayside.

Who is claiming the eyeballs and wallets by providing the best Mobile Experience? What are the top brands in the world doing to keep up with this shift, and who are they working with? Which upcoming releases will help you make your design even sleeker, your technology stacks even faster, your revenue streams even safer? Those are some of the topics we’ll be discussing at MobileBeat.

This is an expansion of last year’s MobileBeat theme, which was about the emergence of the superiority of design. This year, design is still extremely important, but we’re seeing that other functionality — whether it is commerce, payments, advertising or other technology — is being built into that design in a more integrated way.

That’s why we’ve widened our focus, and are going with the tagline: “How to build the Winning Mobile Experience.” The Mobile Experience refers to the overall mobile experience — and it also nods to the need for business models and other functionality to be incorporated into pretty design. How to build that winning Mobile Experience is what every company needs to know.

This year, we invite you to discover best examples of companies that know how to craft a great Mobile Experience. We’re on the prowl right now to invite them all at MobileBeat 2013. We will focus on the recipes for success. Come hear from top brands what they see their customers wanting, and meet the leaders from technology companies large and small that help redefine what you expect from a smartphone. Oh by the way, you may not think “phones” for much longer either when talking about mobile.

Tailored for business executives and technology decision-makers to stay on top of news in this fast-changing industry, the event will address all the topics that are impacted by mobile, from brand engagement and advertising, to user acquisition and monetization, consumerization of IT in the enterprise, and technology and infrastructure. Find the complete list on MobileBeat’s website.

Look forward to seeing you there!