small potatoes funding

Today in tech funding news, we saw a string of smaller deals at or under $1 million.

But are these pity rounds that will provide a few months of runway to struggling teams in competitive markets? Or are they kindling capital that will spark new fires of innovation, eventually engulfing the tech world in the hot, hot flames of profit?

Time will tell. For now, we’re just reporting the figures:

Fastback grabs a fast $15M

Fastback Networks has raised $15 million to save mobile data networks from total collapse. OK, perhaps that’s an exaggeration, but Fastback has created radio technology to transfer mobile data at fast speeds so that companies can expand and plan mobile networks to handle huge voice and data networking loads in the future. Fastback’s technology could be a key piece in mobile networks that can transfer data as quickly as land-based infrastructure such as cable modems. Read the full story on VentureBeat.

Panna raises $1.35M

Panna, a digital cooking magazine for iPhone and iPad, has raised $1.35 million to make the connection between chefs and home cooks even stronger. An issue is released every months and contains 13 seasonal video recipes from the participating chefs. The emphasis is on home cooking, so each chef guides the user step-by-step through their favorite recipes in a home kitchen environment. Read the full story on VentureBeat.

Unifyo raises $700K

Unifyo’s founder Ben Wirtz writes today to share some good news: His company has closed a $700,000 seed round from the likes of Ivan Mazour, EC1 Capital, and the Firestarter Team (which itself was founded by ex-Googler Anil Hansjee). Unifyo is a sales tool that combines social media, email, and customer relationship management tools; Wirtz said, “We just re-released our Exchange integration into beta, which means we’re now seriously going after SMEs [small and medium-size enterprises], not only startups. Box and Zendesk have been integrated too.”

VeryLastRoom gets $523K

VeryLastRoom, a French startup, writes to tell us it’s closed a €400,000 round, about $523,000, for its same-day hotel booking app. The iOS app first launched nine months ago at LeWeb’s London conference. Investors include Alain de Mendonça, founder of French travel agency Promovacances; Didier Blaise, founder of French tire-seller; Laurent Therezien, former VP of Accor’s; Laurent Benhamou, founder of micropayment platform AlloPass; and VC firms Pole Capital and Generis Capital Partners.

Aireum/Conspire raises seed round of $100K, more to come?

As it inches toward its first birthday, Palo Alto, Calif.-based startup Aireum (also known as Conspire) is showing signs of life with the SEC, claiming a wee $100,000 investment today in a Form D. Founded by Stanford grad and former attorney Alex Devkar, Conspire aims to help users understand and manage their networks of email contacts. The product is not yet publicly available.

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