German social game maker Kamicat has raised a round of funding from iVenture Capital to expand its social games for Facebook, PCs, and mobile devices.

The Hanover, Germany-based Kamicat has scored a hit with its cross-platform Kamicat Football game, which has attracted more than 5 million registered users since its launch last year. This game combines live action soccer with team management elements, and it is available in nine languages.

Traffic Captain, a promotional network for games, is another iVenture Capital portfolio company, will now be the exclusive marketer of that game. The aim is to make Kamicat Football into a bigger worldwide title and to generate more advertising revenue. A mobile version is coming later this year.

“The quality of Kamicat’s top title, ‘Kamicat Football,’ in particular convinced us to move forward with this new investment,” said Michael Reul, the cofounder and chief executive of iVenture Capital in Hamburg, Germany. “In fact, I am an enthusiastic ‘Kamicat Football’ player myself. It will add top-notch value to our portfolio as well as the TrafficCaptain performance network.

Kamicat cofounder Christoph Reisner said in a statement, “Kamicat Football’s staggering growth on Facebook over the past several months is largely due to viral effects. Players spend above-average amounts of time with our game – a combination of football action simulation and management – and recommend it to their friends.”

IVenture Capital, founded in 2011, has also invested in game companies Farbflut Entertainment, Infernum, MobileBits, Pro 3 Games, Games.de, Allvatar.com, Kamcord, and Traffic Captain. It also invested in payment service provider BillingPartner. IVenture typically invests anywhere from 50,000 euros to low-seven-digit euros.