Screenshots from Hulu's app for Windows Phone 8

Microsoft’s Windows Phone team has something to celebrate today: Another top-tier app has hit their platform.

Hulu has released the Windows Phone 8 version of its app, and it’s a good-looking one.

“Our team has been focused on creating a beautiful and comprehensive Hulu Plus experience that is optimized for Windows Phone 8,” somebody from Hulu’s marketing department wrote on the company’s blog. “The app leverages Windows design principles that lend themselves elegantly to the rich content catalog and features on Hulu Plus.”

And indeed, the provided screenshots make it clear that Hulu on Windows Phone promises to be a clean, easy-to-use experience, with no chrome or skeuomorphic nonsense coming between you and the videos you want to watch.

It integrates nicely with your Hulu account, so, Hulu suggests, if you fell asleep watching Community last night in bed, you can catch up on the bus ride to work.

I’d test it out, but I no longer have a Windows Phone. If you want to try it yourself, the new Windows Phone Hulu app is free, but you will need a Hulu Plus subscription, which costs $8 per month.