It is a period of galactic unrest for the Star Wars franchise. A rebel media company, Walt Disney — which is planning a new movie for 2015 — won its first battle against the old George Lucas-owned company when it shut down the LucasArts gaming developer in April.

During that closure, developers were able to sneak out the secret plans for LucasArts’ ultimate weapon, Star Wars: Battlefront III, a multiplayer shooter followup to the popular 2005 release.

In 2006, Free Radical started production on Battlefront III. LucasArts deactivated that game in 2008, but over the weekend, someone called “Blue_Monkey” posted footage of Star Wars: Battlefront III in action to video-sharing site Vimeo.

Check it out below:

After canceling Free Radical’s Battlefront III, LucasArts began work on an internally developed version of the shooter. That game was in the works up until Disney disbanded the studio.

You can see that version here:

Disney now plans to take up a publishing model for Star Wars and other LucasArts games. The company told GamesBeat that it hopes to find the right companies to produce new games based on its beloved franchises.