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VentureBeat has a slew of offers available right now, and here are just three that we want to shine a spotlight on:

The Mac Productivity Bundle 4.0

The latest Mac productivity bundle we’re offering is jam-packed full of useful tools that will help you on a daily basis. If there’s one thing your Mac can do, it can boost your efficiency and effectiveness…but you need the right apps to help you do that.

With this exclusive promo you’ll get 9 of the hottest products on the market for only $49.99! (you’re saving $640!) The Mac Productivity Bundle 4.0 has just about something for everyone.

To learn more about this offer, visit the VB Store.

CrazyTalk Pro 7

If you’ve been looking for animation software at its best – and at a price that can’t be beat – then we’ve got a deal for you.

CrazyTalk7 is the most popular facial animation tool that uses sound and text to vividly animate facial images. Whether you’re using it to enhance a video project or for fun with family and friends, it’s an app that’s a nice addition to your Applications folder for those times where you need to add a little pizazz to your creative works of art. And for a limited time, VentureBeat has it for just $99.99!

To learn more about this offer, visit the VB Store.

The Runaway Collection: MEElectronics Headphones

No one wants to deal with wires anymore. That idea has shifted more and more to the world of headphones, and we’re offering a pair of great Bluetooth wireless headphones that are sleek, comfortable, and sound spectacular.

The Runaway Collection series of headphones by MEElectronics is 43% off the regular price here at VentureBeat – but only for a limited time. These headphones are only $57 – and that price includes shipping to customers within the continental USA.

To learn more about this offer, visit the VB Store.

Remember – all of these offers are only available for a limited time, so grab them (as well as all of our offers) while you can over at the VB Store!

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