When it comes to smartphones, Nokia is nothing if not very, very prolific.

The company is teasing its newest device, the long-rumored Lumia 928, in the latest issue of Vanity Fair. While there aren’t too many details to share, Nokia’s stressing the device’s PureView camera, which it says thrives in low-light situations. (The device will also come with a Carl Zeiss lens.)

The other notable detail here is the massive Verizon logo slapped onto the phone in the print advert, which confirms that the Lumia 928 will indeed be Verizon’s first high-end Windows phone. Fortunately, that logo is gone in the online version of the print ad, which hopefully means it won’t appear on the final version of the phone itself.

Nokia is expected to officially announce the phone at a press event in London next week.

The Lumia 928’s launch comes as things are starting to look up for Nokia, which sold 5.6 million Lumias last quarter. That’s a 27 percent increase from the same time last year and poof that maybe, just maybe, people are buying these Lumia things after all.