While the subject of “viewer metrics” is typically pretty dull, you can’t really say that when it comes to YouTube.

The streaming video site just rolled out a new “Trends Map” tool that shows the most popular videos people are watching in each geographical region. It’s sort of fascinating to see the differences between regions.

For instance, right now most of the country is obsessed with the season six trailer for HBO’s hit vampire series True Blood (which premieres in June), while the rest of the U.S. is split between a parody video for The Walking Dead by Bad Lip Reading and a Vince Gill/Patty Loveless duet. In my new town of Austin? The most popular thing being watched is a promo video for The CLOOD’s “Life is Just a Game”.

It’s pretty cool and worth some exploring if you have a moment. (Top trending videos embedded below for the lazy types reading this post.)