More fiber, more speed, and more communities: Google Fiber is expanding in and around Kansas City to include Grandview, Missouri.

Google Fiber, as you probably know, offers Gigabit internet speeds — up to 100x faster than the average broadband connection. It’s currently available or announced in only a few limited locations, such as Austin, Texas, Provo, Utah, and of course Kansas City itself.

Interestingly, none of the locations are in California, where Google is headquartered, and none except Austin are in locations typically thought of as major digital or technology centers.

Google Fiber is so fast, with speeds like 923.35 megabytes/second uploads and 841.94 megabytes per second downloads, that businesses want to get in on the party as well. However, since Google Fiber is designated solely for residential, the only way some startups have been able to use Fiber is to set up shop in a home.

If you happen to live in Grandview, Missouri, however, don’t hold your breath.

Previously-announced neighborhoods in the area won’t be fully built out until this fall, and Google’s community manager for Fiber, Rachel Hack, says that “it will still be awhile before we can build Fiber in Grandview.” In fact, the project is still in the planning phases.

If only Fiber could be installed as quickly as it operates!

Image credits: Sean Ludwig/VentureBeat

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