Flipboard users on the web and on Android devices no longer have to endure the tyranny of reading a digital magazine that was assembled by someone other than them.

Today the company is pushing out a digital magazine creation tool to its Android app and website. The tool, which first debuted on the iPad earlier this year, allows you to assemble news stories, photos, status updates, videos, and other media into a customized digital magazine based on a particular topic, current event, or theme. Basically, you can gut all the boring articles and pictures you don’t like from an existing digital magazine, rearrange content, or provide additional context from other sources. And unlike the iOS version of the app, Android users can do things like “flip” content into their custom mags from other Android applications like YouTube.

One magazine you can now customize into your own publication is the Financial Times, which is entirely available within Flipboard starting today. However, you’ll still need to be a paid subscriber to view FT content.

I never really thought of Flipboard becoming a service that lets people express their creativity, but that’s exactly what this new tool does. The magazine creation tool has also proved quite popular, with over 500,000 custom magazines created by its 56 million total readers.

The new custom magazine tool is available on Samsung Galaxy phones, Nexus tablets, and several other Android-based mobile devices. You can download the new Flipboard app for free on the Google Play store and Amazon Android App store today.