Mark in BedWe could all benefit from a life coach sometimes to keep us motivated and our spirits up. ME Clock launched an IndieGoGo campaign today for its “ultimate digital life coach,” which helps people achieve their personal goals.

ME Clock combines hardware and software to serve as a “personal trainer for your mind.” The system is designed to help people break bad habits and make lasting positive changes. The ME System 24 provides a specific sequence of mind empowering exercises, behavioral modification. learning techniques, yoga moves, music and meditation. It looks like a digital alarm clock radio but has far greater ambitions than waking you up to Top 40 tunes. The accompanying apps deliver the audio content to your smartphone.

“The self-improvement industry is a 12 billion dollar a year industry in the US alone,” said founder Mike Squirrell in a Q&A.” We want to remove the never-ending burden of accumulating hundreds of self-help books and courses that cost people a lot of money and usually yield little effect, not to mention therapy. Our aim is to change the face of 21st century psychology and brain-training by giving everyone access through technology.

Squirrell spent 10 years researching and developing the ME system at his practice in London where he provided integrated medicine, personal development and behavioral training to clients looking for “sustainable transformation.” People are always striving to be thinner, richer, happier, fitter, smarter, less anxious, and more confident and Squirrell said that bad habits and negative thoughts are what inhibit people from achieving their goals. There is a whole field of study called positive psychology that centers around breaking these patterns. The ME Clock incorporates these techniques into a simple training system that customers can embark upon independently.

meclockThere are twelve “ME Programs” geared towards your specific goals, including thin, happy, calm, rich, love, energy confident, and smart. Each program has three separate levels which take between one and three weeks to complete and ME Clock will guide people through various mental exercises throughout the day. People can pick and choose the apps to suit their ambitions.

The self-help industry is massive and largely conducted offline in books, seminars and workshops, and private sessions. Sure the idea of  becoming “the ME you want to BE” invites cynicism and eye-rolls. Affirmations are not for everyone, but there are millions of people out there are looking to improve their lives in one way or another. Popular devices and tracking apps like Fuel Band, FitBit, Endomondo, MapMyFitness (and on and on) are a different incarnation of this idea. They  also provide people with information and social motivation to sustain positive habits. However, Squirrell said these systems are geared towards tracking, rather than “fixing,” and fixing requires mental training. That is where MEClock comes in.

ME Clock is hoping to raise $75,000 through the IndieGoGo campaign. The company is based in London and currently has 6 employees.