facebook home

Facebook Home, the skin of Android that brings social networking to the forefront, has been quietly updated to support the Samsung Galaxy S4 and HTC One Android phones.

While user reviews have been highly unfavorable, Facebook Home has still received about one million downloads from people curious to try Facebook’s take on what Android should be.

Facebook Home launched with support for only a handful of Android phones, so it’s good to see it rolling out for additional units. So far, Facebook appears to just be targeting the most powerful Android sets. That’s likely because power users and early adopters that are willing to try Facebook Home own these.

Facebook product director Adam Mosseri said yesterday that the network would roll out the following updates to Facebook Home soon:

  • Chat Heads improvements that make chatting more seamless with fewer steps.
  • A new, full-screen interface for your dock of apps that you can access more simply through a single swipe.
  • Subfolders within the app dock, kind of like you see in the iOS app launcher.
  • More “Blue’s Clues” pop-up prompts to educate users on new features.

You can download Facebook Home here.

Screenshot via Facebook/YouTube