Minecraft Xbox 360 Edition

One of Xbox Live Arcade’s biggest games is getting another overhaul today.

Developer 4J Studios unleashed Title Update 11 for Minecraft: Xbox 360 Edition. It’s available to download now, as first spotted by Polygon.

This patch is primarily aimed at eliminating bugs, but it will also increase the number of villagers and snow golems that fill the world. The developer is also adding warning messages to help inform the player when they are reaching certain world limits.

Here is the entire change log for Title Update 11:

  • Fixed explosion lag for online games.
  • Fixed hanging fireballs in a save game.
  • Fixed the spawn-limit message appearing to players not attempting to spawn something.
  • Updated gravel texture on terrain mipmaps.
  • Fixed spawn-limit overrun when shearing or breeding Mooshrooms.
  • Increased the limit for paintings, item frames, villagers, and snow golems in a world.
  • Game will now display a message when the world reaches its paintings and item-frames limit.
  • Game will also display a message when spawn limits prohibit an animal from entering Love Mode.
  • Message warns players when they try to spawn an enemy from a spawn egg in Peaceful Mode.
  • Reduced sound volume on Ghast enemy.

For additional information or to ask 4J Studios a question, visit the title’s official forums.