The latest dance crazy in Europe right now is Algoraves, a rave where you’re actually dancing to algorithms that produce music based on who shows up.

Basically the idea behind Algoraves is to take a program that can produce algorithms and constantly alter the music that’s playing. BoingBoing is reporting that the new dance craze started in the U.K. and Germany and is quickly spreading to Mexico and Australia. (I suppose the U.S. is just too lame to pick up on this for at least another year, heh.)

Algorave, a site that looks like an official hub for all kinds of information about the dance raves, explains that lots of electronic music uses software, not only for its production but also while its being played in club. Algoraves seems like a natural extension of that, turningĀ  musical experience into a full performance.

And while this will undoubtedly label me as a trekkie, I absolutely see this as being the first steps to a society that favors math-based music over traditional scores that are inspired by a musician — just like in the Star Trek Voyager episode Virtuoso.

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