The highlight of my day, nay my week? Watching Richard Branson serve airline passengers dressed in full flight attendant drag.

Branson reportedly lost a bet to a “frenemy” and former employee, AirAsia CEO Tony Fernandes. Two years after the deal was struck at the 2010 Formula One event in Abu Dhabi, Branson finally made good on his word. He served up drinks on a flight from Australia to Malaysia this weekend sporting lipstick, freshly shaved legs, and a fetching red skirt suit.

Branson tipped a full tray of orange juice on Fernandes, who declared that his skills as an attendant were “rubbish.” Branson was immediately fired after the six-hour flight.

bransonThe Virgin Group sent us a few additional photos taken on the flight if you’re in need of a good laugh.

On a more serious note, Branson is a prime example of a business leader taking an innovative approach to a more traditional industry.

We recently ran a contributed piece from an entrepreneur who was invited to spend three days with Branson in South Africa. One of the major lessons learned? “Don’t just experience fun and enjoy after 5 p.m.” As Branson makes clear with his publicity stunts, work should not be rigid and uninspiring.

It’s been a few years since VentureBeat’s editors dived into San Francisco Bay to celebrate a traffic milestone. Inspired by Sir Branson, any ideas for our next stunt? 

Images courtesy of the Virgin Group // Video via USAToday