You might have ideas in your head for your own role-playing adventures, but you probably don’t have the right canvas to make it a reality. Maybe you’ve crafted the perfect story about a farmer who lost his goat only to discover that the goat is actually a secret warlock that runs a cult in a cave just outside of the village. Now, thanks to CD Projekt Red, you have the tools to make the story of Evil Goat come to life.

CD Projekt Red, the developer responsible for The Witcher 2: Assassins of Kings, today released its RedKit development tools to the public. This software, which is¬†free to download from the studio’s website, enables players to build stories and adventures of their own.

RedKit enables creators to quickly make terrain, to design nonlinear stories, and to build complex dialogue trees. Modders can also use the existing art from The Witcher 2 or import their own.

CD Projekt Red has already worked with some modders in an early beta of the public tools. The studio is honoring designer Philipp Weber from Germany for creating the best mod during this period. The company is sending him a one-of-a-kind Witcher sword.

You can download the mods from Weber and other directly from the developer’s website.