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Google temporarily released information about its next mobile operating system, Android 4.3, today. A search for the company’s developer site returned a listing for Android 4.3, which it has quickly removed.

The page referenced security enhancements for the otherwise unannounced Android version. It came alongside a security enhancements release for the existing Android 4.2 operating system. Since the page has been removed, we are unaware of what these security enhancements entailed. Indeed, Android 4.3 is otherwise fairly shrouded, but we may learn more about it today during Google’s developer conference Google I/O.

The Verge grabbed a screenshot of the search result, and it mentions that 4.3 may contain a new kind of Bluetooth that will help save battery life on the phone. It may also come with a new graphics tool that will help game apps and other graphics-dependent apps run more effectively.

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Google’s stock price has risen to record-highs this morning in anticipation of what Google might announce. While we don’t know exactly what will come out of this morning’s keynote, this Android 4.3 reveal is the second leak of the morning for Google. Late last night a signup page for a new version of Google Maps popped up and was similarly removed. It is also rumored that Google is launching a music streaming service after reports yesterday that the company had signed two major music licensing deals.

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