Last week, the relationship between Ubisoft and developer Patrice Désilets came to a sudden end. The publisher says he left. Désilets says Ubisoft fired him. Either way, the company revealed today that it is halting production of the designer’s 1666 game.

Ubisoft acquired THQ Montreal and the rights to 1666 in an auction of THQ assets in January for $2.5 million. That money isn’t looking like a wise investment now that the publisher is freezing 1666’s production.

“After more than two months of discussions with Patrice, we couldn’t align our visions both on the project development and team management,” a Ubisoft spokesperson told GamesBeat. “Consequently, our collaboration has ended, and we have suspended project 1666 for an undisclosed period of time.”

Désilets originally worked for Ubisoft on its Assassin’s Creed games until 2010. He left and joined THQ to lead its Montreal studio before Ubisoft acquired that new team. In March, Ubisoft confirmed that Désilets was once again a Ubisoft employee.

On May 7, Ubisoft claimed that Désilets left the company, but the designer disputes that characterization. He says Ubisoft terminated his employment and that security escorted him out before he could tell his team what was happening.

“Ubisoft’s actions are baseless and without merit,” Désilets told GamesBeat in a statement. “I intend to fight Ubisoft vigorously for my rights, for my team, and for my game.”