While Google added the option to send money through Gmail yesterday, the search giant clearly wasn’t finished with announcements. It has also debuted new “quick action” buttons in Gmail that you can use to RSVP to events, see flight info, and more — all without leaving the inbox.

Quick actions will appear next to certain kinds of messages in your inbox, and you don’t even have to open the email to provide a response. If someone sends you a calendar invite, a button will show up on top of the email line that lets you RSVP or decline the invitation. Another example: You can rate a restaurant you went to last night straight from an email notice sent to you.

One of the most exciting potential quick actions is checking into a flight from the inbox. Google hasn’t committed to check-ins exactly, but it says that you’ll be able to see flight info more easily in Gmail, including whether your flight is on time and when your connection is. (See an example of flight info and a potential check-in below.)

These quick actions will roll out over the next few weeks to all Gmail users. Developers that are interested in adding Gmail quick action functionality can check out the Gmail developers website dedicated to schemas.


Image via Google