Pikmin 3

One of Nintendo’s “launch-window games” for the Wii U is slowly approaching its actual release date, and the publisher is dropping some details to build up the hype.

On Aug. 4, you can finally get the action-strategy title Pikmin 3. The sequel takes players back to the planet of the tiny plant creatures for an entirely new adventure. As part of its Nintendo Direct today, the company revealed the new cast of heroes that replace the original game’s Captain Olimar. This time, players control a boy named Alph, a scientist named Brittany, and a captain named Charlie.

These three explorers are from Koppai, a planet suffering from worldwide starvation. Charlie and his crew must find fruit on the Pikmin planet and return the seeds to their home. Thankfully, the Pikmin are willing to help them, which the explorers need their help since the fruit is gigantic.

Check out Nintendo president Satoru Iwata talk at length about the title:

Outside of the plot, Nintendo also revealed some information about how Pikmin 3 works compared to previous entries in the franchise. The three characters means players can divide into three teams. This should help skillful players quickly tackle complex objectives.

Pikmin 3 is also a little easier for newcomers because it is introducing an option to replay an area rather than forcing gamers who screw up to replay the whole level.

Finally, the company also revealed the multiple control schemes available in Pikmin 3. The GamePad is the most capable option. Players can obviously direct their characters and Pikmin using the device, but it also provides information about the map, the characters, and the Pikmin. If that’s not your jam, Nintendo is also providing support for the Wii Remote Plus and Nunchuk combo. The game also works in off-TV mode on the GamePad for players that can use their TV.