Stitcher car mode

Stitcher Radio is rolling out a new feature on its iOS app today that makes it much easier to use the streaming service while driving in a vehicle — which is exactly where radio belongs.

Unlike the majority of streaming audio services, Stitcher focuses entirely on radio shows and podcasts. The company said about 60 percent of listeners are already using the app in their cars, which is why it decided to add a “Car Mode.” Essentially what you’re getting is a new interface that makes the audio player controls easier to see, with larger buttons and very little clutter. Because when you’re driving, you don’t want to be screwing around with a hitting the wrong buttons on a touchscreen.

You can flip on Car Mode by hitting the Stitcher logo at the top of the screen, and you can operate in both landscape or portrait orientations. The new app update also includes a revised front page view with top headlines, access to an archive of favorite shows, a sleep timer, and various improvements that make playback quicker.

The updated Stitcher Radio app is available for free via iTunes App Store.