Sensopia, creator of reality augmentation app MagicPlan, announced today a $1.2 million round of funding and the release of a development kit to embed its software in any application.

The funding will accelerate Sensopia’s growth and development to make the MagicPlan application easy and accessible to normal users. MagicPlan lets you take a photo of your environment and generate a floor plan in minutes. The application can automatically measure, draw, and publish a floor plan by taking a photo with your iOS device. MagicPlan was released earlier this year and uses augmented reality and reality capturing technology to create a floor plan.

With the increased funding, the founders are working on enabling three-dimensional room capture and making the application even simpler.

“We are confident that in the coming year, given the energy and attention we put into research, MagicPlan will take reality capture to an entirely new level of simplicity and intuitiveness,” CEO Pierre Gaubil said in a statement. “These are the keys to gaining mass usage.”

Company reps state the app already has 4 million downloads and sees 20,000 floor plans created each day. The company is releasing an Android version of the software this summer and will give even more users access across multiple platforms.

Sensopia’s Software Development Kit (SDK) released today allows MagicPlan’s core technology be integrated into other applications. It will be easier than ever for companies to access and leverage quick and easy floor plan creation technology, the company said.

This is the Montreal-based company’s first round of funding. The popular MagicPlan application has received several awards and has been Apple’s App of the Week in 93 countries.

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