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Update: Deal is dead unfortunately. Looks like one too many people tried to abuse the offer by implementing scrips to receive the free $10 credit – some people have over 10,000 codes scraped -_- The promotional page now says: “We’re no longer giving out a $10 store credit, but you can still sign up to be notified of Xbox One availability.”

Amid the storm of Xbox One coverage around the web today, Microsoft Store attempted to build up even more hype and demand for their next-gen console by offering an enticing freebie offer.

If you sign-up for preorder email notification on the Xbox One, you’ll receive a $10 Microsoft Store credit in return for your trouble.

This offer was so good, in fact, that the Microsoft Store servers got hit hard by bargain hunters on deal sites and deal forums from across the web. Things got even more out of hand when people found loopholes for the $10 credit, resulting in many $0 orders being cancelled.

Essentially, the $10 store-wide credit is only valid on items over $10 MSRP, but it turns out this didn’t exclude items on sale. Thus, anything originally over $10, on sale for under $10 was free and ripe for the picking. It didn’t take long for Microsoft to wise up and cancelled thousands of 800 Xbox Live points orders en mass.

Having said that, there are still some choice deals you can get with the $10 credit. Here are a few examples:

The $10 credit offer is valid until June 9th, 2013 and the credit itself expires on the same date, so don’t bother holding onto the credit thinking you can get $10 off your actual Xbox One preorder. Why Microsoft didn’t allow that is beyond us, but the credit does work on numerous Xbox 360 titles, PC games, and gaming accessories.

FYI: Microsoft Store’s server is still being hammered quite a bit, so error messages are still being reported left and right when trying to order something. Definitely a YMMV situation.

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