While Sony and Microsoft are battling for next-gen buzz, Nintendo is working on improving its “next gen” Wii U.

The Japanese publisher released an update for the Wii U today. It is a minor patch of the April update that improved performance and loading times. System update 3.01, according to Nintendo, will make the Wii U system more stable. Nintendo also notes that it will improve “compatibility with certain software.”

As usual, Nintendo warns users that this update could take an hour or more to download and install. Unplugging or powering down the console in that time could brick the system — so don’t do that.

Nintendo’s Wii U is struggling to find an audience, but the company is hoping to turn that around starting with the upcoming Electronic Entertainment Expo in early June. At that trade show, the publisher will start detailing the new Smash Bros., a fresh 3D Mario, and an updated Mario Kart for its latest home console. Those important titles should help the console sell to core Nintendo fans.