Urturn, a U.K.-based social networking startup for iOS and desktop, has just taken a whopping $10.7 million in its first round of institutional funding.

First time at bat, Urturned knocked it outta the park. I believe the expression is, “Nailed it.”

The remarkable Series A was led by European Union firm Balderton Capital, which previously invested in Bebo.

“It’s an important vote of confidence from a well-recognized VC for the company,” said a Urturn rep. From what we can see so far, the vote of confidence is, to be blunt, badly needed.

Urturn’s main feature is something called “Expressions.” You might also call it a “picture” or a “macro.” Urturn’s WYSIWYG editor lets users create content (“Expressions”) and post it to a public stream. The images could be doodles they draw, digital collages they create, or pics they grab from the web. They can add text if they like. The end result is a Frankenstein’s monster somewhere between Pinterest and Tumblr.


But hey, we’re old. Our not loving it at first sight is no barometer for how Kids These Days will react to the product — or whether the company will be any kind of success.

Image credit: Urturn