Grand Theft Auto V is only a few months away from release. In September, we will get the chance to head to Los Santos for all the car-jacking fun we could ask for.

Today, developer Rockstar revealed that you don’t have to pay just $60 for Grand Theft Auto V. For $80, you can grab a Special Edition version of the game. For a whopping $150, you can get the Collector’s Edition.

For those 18-to-34 year-old gamers with disposable income, here is what comes in the Special Edition:

  • Grand Theft Auto V game in collectible SteelBook case with exclusive art.
  • Poster-sized blueprint map of Los Santos.
  • In-game boost that will approve the regeneration time of the special-ability meter.
  • Trials mode for the stunt plane.
  • Bonus in-game outfits, tattoos, and more.
  • Additional weapons including pistol, shotgun, and hammer.

The Collector’s Edition includes all of the above and the following:

  • GTA V branded security-deposit bag and key.
  • GTA V Los Santos branded ball cap
  • Classic GTA characters in GTA Online
  • Unique in-game vehicles and garage property

Both of these special releases will accompany the standard GTA V game on Sept. 17 for PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360. They are available for preorder now.