Google Glass

Developer James Rundquist has just unveiled Glass Nest, an app for Google Glass that controls your Nest home thermostat directly from your nerdy, nerdy face.

The future is here, and it belongs to white, male dorks. You heard it first here.

Nest is a highly automated “smart” thermostat made by the same folks who created the iPod.

And, in case you’ve been on a silent yoga retreat for the past year, Google Glass is the eponymous search company’s latest attempt to penetrate every aspect of your waking life. It’s a visor-shaped bit of hardware that places a small, clear screen at eyeball-level. You interact with it primarily via voice.

Using the Nest app, you can tell your Glass unit to change the temperature to N degrees and tell Nest when you’re going away or coming home, all the better to put your home temperature control system into or out of away mode.

Rundquist, a Georgia Institute of Technology student who warns this is not an official Nest or Google app, has posted Glassware on Github; feel free to fork the heck out of it.

Image credit: Jolie O’Dell/VentureBeat