We’re hearing reports that someone (name/gender/orientation/favorite color unknown) has paid a tidy $1.5 million for the pleasure of cruising into space with actor Leonardo DiCaprio.

Insert eye-rolling Great Gatsby space pun here.

At the amfAR Cinema Against AIDS charity auction last night in Cannes, where DiCaprio was promoting his new Jazz Age film, bidding rose to 1.2 million euros for the trip, which will take place aboard Virgin Galactic’s new commercial spaceliner, SpaceShipTwo.

The craft is a suborbital, air-launched spaceplane designed for space tourism. The first flights are scheduled to take off in 2014. Ticket prices have increased from $200,000 to $250,000 this year, but apparently DiCaprio makes the whole experience worth around $1.25 million more. Now we know the value of one of his aging-but-still-dimpled smiles.


What’s more, we read on Space.com that two other tickets for the same flight sold at the same auction for $2.3 million. Now we know the value of the glorious halo that radiates throughout the interior of a spaceplane from one of this aging-but-still-dimpled smiles.

Image credits: 20th Century Fox, Jeff Foust/Flickr